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The Six Grandfathers

Take a good look at the photo above…. can you guess what it is?
If you have ever seen Edward Curtis’s photos of Native American First Peoples, you may see more easily.
In its time, it was called the Six Grandfathers. Supposedly you can see the faces of Father Sky, the Earth Mother, and the spirits of the Four Directions… N/S/E/W.

Today the Six are gone and replaced by four others… we call it Mount Rushmore.

The winners write the history….

Saluda Community Table



I was too busy in the kitchen making the Johnny Mazetti [an old military wives Canal Zone staple… think beef and pasta casserole], so I didn’t snap any photos myself, but DaElf got some. There are a flock more over on her FB page.

I know it looks like I’m doing nothing, but that is because all the buffet pans full of Johnny were by then in the oven. Just prior, I had about 5 pots going full blast, six feet of SS counter was covered in my detritus, and I was basically a blur in the back corner of the kitchen. Fortunately I had some great folks backing me up, dipping for me, and staying ahead of my devastation.

We were doing dinner for 140 at the Saluda Community Table dinner. Johnny Mazetti, Ratatouille for the veegie kinda folks, and a truly huge salad that these ladies and eLiza are prepping in the photo. Then there were about 8 kinds of dessert out in the lobby of the center where there is old-timey fiddle band music every week.

WE DO THIS EVERY WEEK !! It’s one of the best things I have been involved with in years. We can’t have the kitchen at the center before 2PM, but there are different crews and different menus each week so no-one gets burned out, everyone eats really, really well, and somehow we are pulling it off at $2 a head!

I was filled with fear that I had either bit off more than I could chew by promising to cook two entrees for a crowd of 120-150 at $2 bucks a clip or that my “yankee-fied”/unknown-to-most dish would go over like a dead balloon. That wasn’t helped by my restauranteur friend telling me, “Dude! You are gonna Die! We turn 150 “tops” in a night, over six hours and with with a full kitchen crew!” It all worked out. Folks loved it. Half the line wanted the some of the Rat in addition to their Johnny, and we ended up with only about six take-away boxes going home with the kitchen crowd because so many people wanted seconds and thirds!

One guy brought the most amazing dessert I have seen in a while>>


No idea what he calls it or where he came up with it, but it’s a huge toasted marshmallow with the goo pulled out of the center, refilled with chocolate mousse, and topped with whipped cream and ganache drizzle! They lasted about… well, he brought 16, so they lasted about 12 people [because some had already “mysteriously” disappeared from the dessert rack… and, yes, one had somehow fallen under the seat in my car!] 


Pink Cloud Mountain

There is a master [ie: Xu Ze] who eats the pink clouds,
His abode shuns the haunts of the common.
As for the season, truly crisp and cool;
In summer it’s just like the fall.
Secluded brooks, a constant gurgle and splash;
Through tall pines the wind sighs and moans.
In here if you sit half a day,
You’ll forget the cares of one hundred years.

– Han-shan