The old standby…


As part of this ongoing project, I was mucking around trying to find some of my old gear, just to see what was lost, missing, or just plain gone and what might still be usable.
For those of you who are part of the titanium and ultralight contingent, these are stainless steel Sierra cups.
You can beat a bear to death with them. You can cook in them, although they’re no match for a regular cooking pot. You can even use them to dig a cat hole. The bail handle wires wrap all the way around folded into the brim so that you don’t burn your lips sipping your coffee. And the best part is the handles will hook onto your belt or onto the strap of your pack really easily. Whip it off your belt and scoop up a drink of that cold, spring water.
It’s hard to remember in these days of Cryptosporidium and Giardia pollution, E. coli outbreaks, toxic waste in our streams and overly protective helicopter parents, but back when I was a doing most of my camping we just drank out of the creek. I never got sick. [of course there was that time down in the Shenandoah when we found the dead deer a couple of hundred yards up in the creek, but it was early spring… He was pretty much just refrigerated]
I hardly ever remember taking water into the woods with us. Beer, yes. Bourbon, yes. Wine, yes. Water? Naw.
You just took your Sierra cup.
These are gloriously retro and utilitarian. They are full of fond memories. And they don’t even weigh that much. I figure they are going to work really well with the pop can alcohol stove I’m making.
Glad I found them.


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