The first post is the hardest post.

As with most blogs, this one is going to be pretty gratuitous. I would love it if some people found it, and followed it. But I will be just as fine if it is just for me.
I spend a lot of my online time reading about camping, hiking, ultralight backpacking, and the like. Ever since I was a little kid in Michigan and was first allowed to wander off into the fields, over the hills, and into the woods, I have always spent a lot of time in the outdoors. It’s a place I have always found peace and serenity, interest and enlightenment. I like nothing better than getting able to go upptacamp… or out to camp. There is something about sitting around the campfire and smelling the woodsmoke that more than makes up for getting your ass et off by the black flies and mosquitoes. You can’t describe it (although I will probably try).
My wife and I usually used our vacations to travel, camp out, and mess about in the woods or along the seashore. We didn’t really care where as long as we were out there. When we moved to Maine, we expected to be that much closer to the places we loved to go. Then when her MS started to rob her of all her liberty, those hopes pretty much went out the window.

It’s been 2 1/2 years since she went into the nursing home, it’s Spring again, and I’m not getting any younger. I’ve been trying to get myself up off of my rusty duff more and more, and get back to getting outside.

This blog will mostly be a place for me to share and stash links to stuff that I find or that I’ve gotten interested in, a place to put up photos of what I see and enjoy [that’s if I remember to take the camera along], a place for me to reminisce, ad nauseum, about my Great Adventures. It’s going to be about jackknives, hiking sticks,and the great Northwoods… aaaaand it’s going to be about whatever else it becomes as it evolves..
I probably won’t even put up a public link to it for a few days until I’ve got some posts up and feel like I have actually committed.

So, that’s the first post. Take it or leave it. Like it or lump it.
Hope I’ll see you in the follower count.


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