Svea Stove

Svea Stove

The Legendary Svea Stove
One of the things from my former camping life that I cannot find are my Svea stoves. I had two.
One I had bought as part of a box of camping gear about 1972, and the other had come from the dump out of the Pick-Of-The-Litter shed.
They work wizard. A little bit noisy, a bit heavy, especially when you factor in the bottle of fuel, but they will flat out boil you some water… FAST!

Not being able to find them, this of course is not my photo. It’s off of eBay where someone is selling one for US $169.95. They went for about 20 bucks back in the day. I’m hoping against hope that I may have given at least one of them to my friend Johnny Zen down on Cape Cod when I moved. I may have just taken them back to the swap shed at the dump.
I’m going to have to ask him when I am down on the Cape in a couple of weeks.


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