Because… BACON! Duh!

Yesterday my best friend Ed [who is usually referred to as TOG… the other geezer] and I were “trouting*” down at the local Walmart in search of a retractable leash for his new puppy.

When we came out, we both had been required by geezer law to purchase a package of this artery clog.


BACON! Cooked BACON! 100%. In a pouch. Ready to eat. No cooking.  Bodhi stop you’re not getting any… [this was inserted by Siri as MY labrapuppy danced around the computer and the now open package in an ecstasy of anticipation… Shuddup… It’s a stream of consciousness kind of thing going on here and if I had to two-finger type you’d never see another post] No refrigeration. No MSG. Gluten-free. No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. Fatty partz included… although the package does claim that it is “20% less fat than USDA data for pan-fried bacon”. Of course one serving is 28% of your daily sodium intake. But…


And that’s what it really is… Bacon. All the goodness, and none of the inconvenience. Breakfast in the back country will never be the same.


[ * “trouting”- to swim [wander] up and down the aisles or department of a store [usually of the hardware, tool, camping, or L.L. Bean/outdoorsy type] without [usually] biting [buying anything]. … It’s something geezers do]


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