How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove… from “Tom’s Bike Trip”

When I first started looking around on the Internet at stuff I might want/need to get back into camping and hiking, I stumbled across this great video.
With only a pocketknife and about five minutes worth of work, you can turn that soda can that you pick up along the side of the road into a perfectly usable alcohol stove it will boil water in only a few minutes. Lightweight, efficient, disposable/lose-able, you can use the 91% alcohol that you can pick up at any drugstore, and if you’re willing to keep looking along the roadsides, you can probably find “booze nip” bottle to keep just an ounce or so of the alcohol in and a cat food can that you can boil water in.
Want to make it a little bit larger? Just wait till you find a Foster Lager can.
This video was so well done and explains it so simply that there’s no point in my putting up any kind of instructable… Just click through, and check it out.

Since then, I’ve viewed a dozen or more similar videos. Just search for “soda can stove”, “DIY alcohol stove”, or anything similar, and YouTube Will get you started.
My own Mk I soda can stove [done from this video] was made in just under five minutes, and lit up the first time out.
I’m going to move on to trying out some of the more complex versions.
Keep coming back, and see what happens.


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