Philosophy 101: pt1


Just a quick piece here on what I consider this site to be about.

My main concern is hauling my mangy ass back into the woods more frequently. This means I am not overly interested in toting along all the amenities of my daily life. I don’t need a solar powered microwave, satellite Internet connectivity, a cappuccino machine, a sun heated shower, an inflatable camp chair or a pop-up tent the size of my living room. I’m more interested in just making the experience convenient, and, Yeah, to some extent, comfortable. I want to make it easy and inviting to just pick up my bag, and head out into the wild for a few hours. I’d like to be able to heat a meal or a cup of coffee, stay dry, stay safe, and enjoy myself doing so.

I want stuff that’s going to be small, lightweight, easy to utilize, and stuff that will make my experience fun and enjoyable. Along the way I want to enjoy myself with the whole process of “gearing up”. I’ve been having a lot of fun digging through the my old stuff out in the barn and out in my old, decrepit and [currently] inoperable RV, trying to discover what I’ve got and what I want. Or, better said, figuring out what I really need to go have a good time.

The site is going to be about the adventures of making that happen, and the further adventures of doing it.

It seems like so many of the sites that I have cruised on the Internet are concerned way too much with “survival” and not all that much with getting out there and having fun. A lot of people seem to be truly concerned that we are approaching Armageddon, or, at the very least, the wonderfully euphemized TEOTWAWKI*. If those are your major concerns, the site is probably not going to really meet your needs. If you think that survival means having a five year’s food supply, a lot of military grade firepower, and Kevlar body armor so that you can be the baddest motherfucker and the most likely to “survive” in a WCS**, you will probably get more out of watching ‘Survivor’ and the ‘Walking Dead’ on TV.

I consider the zombie apocalypse highly unlikely given all the indications of history.  I grew up under the threat of the atom bomb and the Red Menace. Back then all the TEOTWAWKI folks were digging bomb shelters in their backyard… and none of those shelters ever needed to be used. The bombs never fell. For all the practice in school, I never had to duck and cover. Today, if we hit TEOTWAWKI, I suspect I will be perfectly fine just going ahead and checking out. I’m 64 years old, well past contributing my invaluable chromosomes to the all too shallow gene pool. F#@kitol. Like Grandfather says in ‘Little Big Man’, “Today is a good day to die.”

For me, living my life each and every day with the goal that, “Today is a good day to die.” is pretty much all I ask for. It’s pretty Zen, it’s pretty Buddhist, it’s pretty much okay with me.

Spending more time in the great outdoors and the Great Northwoods seems like a pretty good way to keep that philosophy operable.


Onward through the fog…


[for those of you out of the know, or who are simply off the jargon highway, TEOTWAWKI* means “the end of the world as we know it”. WCS** is “worse case scenario”] 


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