Minimalist FirstAid kits

Since I had a whole bunch of stuff spread around to do some repacks on emergency kits and those new “Fishermen’s Essentials” FirstAid kits, I got to thinking how often all I really want is to deal with a simple cut, or really minimal knuckle-scrape. It’s a pain in the butt to open up a whole kit, and unpack enough to find just one Band-Aid.

I wanted to see what I could manage in the way of the simplest, lightest, and most efficient first aid kit… What I ended up with was a couple of Band-Aids and disinfectant wipes in a baggie… DeLuxe.



I was able to cram two full sized Band-Aids, a medium sized one, one oversized knuckle bandage [I had to fold that in half], one Benzacodium and one alcohol wipe, and a little package of antiseptic cream, all into a flat package less than 2″ x 4.5″.

One little Ziploc I had kicking around was just a shade narrower than a strip of duct tape. I slipped everything into the bag and pressed it out onto a piece of tape. Then, working from one end to get all the extra air out, I pressed a double-width piece of clear packing tape down over the whole thing. I trimmed off the edges of the packing tape so that there was only a quarter of an inch overlap, and folded that back over the duct tape. Trimmed off both ends and ended up with a pretty slick little package.

It should be pretty much waterproof, it will slip into any pocket, and you ought to be able to open it with a quick nick of a pocketknife, or even a sharp twig.



[Yes. This could’ve been even more minimalist. I could’ve stripped the paper off of the Band-Aids, and only included the  pouch of antiseptic cream. Then it probably would’ve fit on a single width piece of packing tape folded back lengthwise up over itself.]



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