When the lights go out all over the world…

When the lights go out all over the world...

Last evening, just as I stuck the toothbrush in my mouth getting ready to go to bed, the lights went out. I didn’t even have to glance out the window to see it wasn’t just me. My peripheral vision had let me see everything else on the hillside across the valley blink out.

I could’ve lit a candle of course.
But just the other day I had taken one of those solar walkway lights that I got at the dollar store and stuck the top part into a small, opaque jar just secured with the strip of electrical tape. It was like a two-minute job.
I figured it for out on the porch railing. I like to preserve my night vision, but I don’t want to trip over anything, like the catz, in the dark and I found the sharp point of light from the path stake LED a little of obnoxious.
Anyway, last evening I ran downstairs and brought it up to the bedroom. Works wizard. Plenty of light to see what I was doing, but not nearly bright enough to be a distraction falling asleep.
It was still glowing this morning, not much diminished, at 5:30 AM.
It seems like if I can find a convenient way to mount this high up on the top of the pack where it could get a charge, it would be a nice little addition out in the woods of an evening. It has a very soft, but quite satisfactory glow. And it doesn’t weigh more than an ounce or two.

I’ll get together a quick little instructable, and put it up here.


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