Ed’s Re-pack

Ed [TOG] and I are the ones who go upptacamp together. Since we’re always running off down the brook going fishing, or off around the lake, a couple of years ago I made him a pocket emergency kit like my own. While I was over at his house the other day I saw it lying around and brought it home to give it an update. I took a couple of things out, and put couple things in.


You can probably figure out what most of the stuff is from the photo. Right down in front is a few feet of duct tape wrapped around an old supermarket “bonus” card. I used some packing tape to stick a razor blade and a utility knife blade on to it. I had bought a package of “wet fire” tablets and put in one of those. Right next to it are a piece of Heartpine fatwood and a little Ziploc full of tinder. There are couple of zip-ties up at the top, and a couple of stainless steel ring nails taped together. You can pretty much figure out the rest of it. [the “fishing kit” is more of a joke than anything else… but TOG does like to go annoy the fish, so I figured, WTF, it’s something that’s been kicking around in my junk box forever, I might as well toss it in for him.]

Here it is packed. It’s made so it can go in a hip pocket of your jeans and not be much more noticeable than your wallet. TOG’s is the mesh one with everything packed into a heavy zip-top baggy. Mine is the gray one with the vinyl window. Everything in mine is more individually packed and waterproofed. Neither of these kits actually weighs more than about 8 ounces. I think that’s pretty good for the the utility that’s actually there.


The only real differences between his kit and mine are that I used a mylar survival mini-blanket in his; mine uses one of the more expensive sleeping bag style. The whistles are different, and my kit also has a little ferrocerrium rod and “sparker” combo [the orange in the corner of the kit] in addition to the matches. I also figured he could find his own lighter if he wants one.

Anyway, we’re both all set for when we get to go up to camp next month. Grab a couple of bottles of water and a pack of snacks, and we’re rock’n roll. Now we just have to hope the weather allows and we actually get off our rusty duffs and take that walk up to Cranberry Pond. NewDawg gets to go with us for the first time, and he deserves a chance to go up on the Bigelow’s.

Onward through the fog…


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