Looking into the future…



Coming up at and here in Moosenut Falls:

I have committed myself to a trip up onto the Appalachian Trail just below the Hundred Mile Wilderness. There is a little lake up there on the shoulder of the Bigelow Mountains that I’ve been wanting to go out to for a long time. It’s a short enough trip to be easy for my first outing, but nice enough to qualify as a fun overnight camping trip. Weather allowing, I’m hoping to go the first week or two of June.

Working up toward this, I will be putting up a few posts about the whole package of “lightweight” camping gear that I’ve been assembling. Stoves, shelter, sleeping, lightweight food, and the like. I’m still waiting on some pieces to be delivered. Others I’m still in the process of cobbling together. A fellow down in Oklahoma has been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to test out a new concept in backpacking frames. I want to use this for the little trip up to the lake.

Just this morning a KickStarter campaign concluded successfully that will net me a wickud nice little titanium woodstove. It only weighs 2 ounces and packs down to something smaller than a pop tart. You can use smallwood in it, but it is also designed to accept an alcohol stove or Esbit tablets. I can’t wait for it to arrive, as I think it will fulfill a multitude of uses and replace a bunch of other, heavier, stuff.

I will want to wrap up my posts [rants] about emergency/survival kits [promise!] by showing you my own pocket kit and the much more functional repack of that Altoid tin that the Labrapuppy and I found on our hike down along the river last month.

I also picked up a cheapo day pack that has a Camelback type hydration-pak included. I’ve never used one of those, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out for me. I’ll be showing that off quite soon. Hopefully with a trip up to the ledges and the overlook above one of our local lakes for a tryout hike. Might even try heating up an MRE with one of the “flameless” ration heaters for you.

I hope that you folks are finding the stuff worthwhile, and will want to keep reading along…

Onward Through the Fog


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