The river “Treasure” repacked …and repacked …and repacked


You may remember the Altoids Survival Tin that the dog and I found down along the river.  It had some nice things in it, most notably the Swiss Army knife. However, it was also really badly lacking in a lot of basic needs.

Here is my version, to fit in the same tin. Clockwise from 12 [w/ some links]:

  1. a simple ziplock baggie- H2O carry
  2. 2 long, sturdy toothpick/skewers and one orangewood true toothpick… I gotz baaad teeth
  3. [the black thing] a heavy duty twist/fold tie
  4. the pins etc. from the original
  5. that cool ResQme-Red whistle
  6. WetFire tinder/flame cube
  7. some StormFire matches and some from the original kit w/striker
  8. a cheapo Chinese Mini compass that actually points North [or at least to where my other compasses point]
  9. Razor Knife/Saw Combo Tool [WHOA! This link is charging an arm and a leg for something that I got at $2.98 a pair!] This was to replace the full Swiss Army knife that was in the tin when it was found. That heavy a knife is simply overkill and over-crowding. Carry a decent knife in your pocket EDC.
  10. one of my DIY first aid packs
  11. A roll of dental floss
  12. 8′ for mason’s twine
  13. a “walk-out” light– this one was in a two-pak at the dollar store

Even being pretty generous with an estimate on cost, all of the stuff couldn’t have gone more than $5. Think ahead about what you need/might want and what would fit. Then you just have to start to look around, pick up stuff as you find it, scrounge a little, visit a couple of the dollar stores and the roadside tool tents and pretty soon you’ll find you have everything you need. And more than likely, enough stuff to make up several kits for the whole family, or to give your buddies.

Scrounge is the name of the game. You don’t even have to be very fancy to find something perfectly acceptable to tote a decent kit of emergency items around in.

Image Image

Here are ALL of the same items simply pushed into an old cigarette pack and all the same stuff in a heavy “disposable” vinyl pouch that some dog chews for my labrador came in. Both of these could just go into the trash without a thought, but both of them are perfect containers for an emergency kit. Either one will slip easily right into a pocket so that you are more likely to take it along. Just a strip of duct tape to seal them closed and you’re ready to go.

The best thing about making up an emergency kit is that it makes you think about what you might need, and starts you thinking about getting “out there”.

Remember: “You don’t know what you might need until you don’t have it”.

Be Safe- Be Prepared… Onward Thru the Fog


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