Up to the job…?


Amongst the other old camping stuff that has turned up. I found this Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad that seems to be in pretty good shape. Sucka is at least 30 years old, but it was partially inflated standing up in the back of a closet. The other old pads I found had been left tightly rolled and were either crumpled, crushed or crumbling.

I just blew this one up full-tight and I’m giving it a timed countdown to flaccidity.

I don’t really remember this yellow Therm-a-Rest, so it must have belonged my wife’s ex. He was something like 6′ 2″ and this pad is a full 72 inch version. That’s way bigger than I need. If I had gone out and gotten one, I would’ve held for something more like the 48 inch model. It would shave a few of those ounces off.

My goal is to have my walkabout pack come in under 20 pounds. However, free is free. This one will do just fine. I’ll save a few ounces someplace else. One more thing off the list… and counting.


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