All The Pretty Places To Go…



ImageBrowns Canyon, CO

ImageCranberry Wilderness, WV


As much as I love the vast panoramas and endless vistas of the Far West, my favorite photos are always those of the more visually contained wilderness. I love a photo like this one of the Cranberry Wilderness that simply sucks you in, and makes you wish you could just go exploring up alongside that creek.

My oldest camping friend, Philip and I went on a wonderful three-day trek in the Cranberry Wilderness about 40 years ago. Quite possibly even over a Memorial Day weekend. Back then, it was called the Cranberry Backcountry. Today it is composed of almost 50,000 acres in the Monongahela National Forest in east-central West Virginia. All these many years, and many miles gone by , and I can still instantaneously summon up a vision of him walking ahead of me down the old, abandoned, logging railroad grade into the valley where we spent the weekend.


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