Inspired by the visitor from Kyrgyzstan…

I went searching around and finally uncovered something that I have always thought was cool and is at least minimally applicable to camping.

I have always enjoyed going to auctions, and at some point years ago a really cheap bid like $10 got me this nice old knife and chopsticks set. I am told that it was Mongolian, but I think it could have come from any part of West Central Asia. I know the Tibetans use a similar rig.



As opposed to Eastern China, and it’s more delicate, bite-sized cuisine, when you’re roasting whole critters over an open fire, a nice long, sharp knife for each person is going to work out a whole lot better. 

Image   Image


I was really taken by how efficiently, and securely the parts fit together. The blade is a decent carbon steel, and holds a nice edge as well.

Not a great deal of use in today’s westernized, civilized, and freeze-dried camping world, but it’s a damn cool piece of gear. I had better go put it away, or next thing you know I’ll be considering carrying along a 6 pound leg of lamb for a traditional Maine Deepwoods Shish Kebab.


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