Look! What’s That In the Road, A Head?




I just noticed that the counter had somehow jumped from around 80 views to over 600 in just two days! And not just Americans and Canadians. Somebody from Kyrgyzstan even dropped by. I guess EVERYBODY likes getting away from their own particular rat race.

I don’t know who you are, but I’m glad you visited, And I hope you keep on coming back. As an enticement here are a few of the things I’m looking toward posting in the near future…

Image  Image

Image  Image


While I am not overly fond of kiddy fruit drinks, I found a really neat post on making a quick fishing kit out of the bottle itself.

There will be another post about alternative ways to heat MRE’s [military issue Meals-Ready-[to]-Eat]

I went down in the woodlot and harvested some fatwood for a post about tinder, kindling and kindling a fire. While it is finishing drying out in the hot sun, I’m going to be working on restoring that bolo machete. I have the scales off, and I’m working on bringing the carbon steel blade back up to scratch. It will be worth it.

Not in the photos, but ahead as well, will be a quick DIY about turning a “throw away” hazmat suit from The-Fell-Off-A-Truck-Stop into an ultra-lightweight rain anorak and chaps [ass-less of course…]

And I’ll be showing a few more photos of a very nice surprise gift I got in the mail of some international military rations, as well as candies, and snacks from around the world.

Now… you may have to be a bit patient because some of these posts involve me doing a little bit of DIY and crafting, so things may be rolling off the assembly line a little bit slowly. However, I will keep putting up great photos of great places, and some of the gear I have ordered has started to roll in. [Yeah, I had to break down and buy at least some stuff… too much of mine was too beat and too heavy]

One landmark moment actually is now in sight. My friend called this morning and it looks like we will be going upptacamp that first weekend in June. Whether we get to go camping and hiking is up to the weather guessers. At least I’ll get to pack up all my stuff and see how it fits and carries.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Come back and see if what’s new… [Don’t forget to “follow”, so that you’ll keep up with the flow]


Onward thru the fog…


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