More From the Design Lab

The boffins out in the MFDL* were given extra caffeine this morning and promised a trip out to the pub to pick up bimbos after work. First they delivered on the rain anorak and now they’ve produced a prototype of the “Forester’s tent” that is at least standing upright.


Using the finest R&D prototyping materials available… some old polyplastic, duct tape, and mason’s twine, they proved that the concept is at least viable. Translated from the folded paper model, a simple 9’x 9′ tarp with properly positioned tryouts and staking points, can indeed create the desired form.

I am relatively happy with the length, but I think the width of the tarp could easily be extended to 10 feet or 11 feet to allow a slightly wider stance, and increased headroom at the front. This is all subject to the length of material remaining on the known 9 foot roll of Typar.

Now…  rain and possible thunderstorms are forecast for the next few hours so we will see how it stands up. The mason’s twine is quite likely the fail point, it has a very low tensile strength, and it is also quite likely that the side tie-out duct tape patches could pull off. More will be revealed… That’s why you prototype before wasting good materials.


Update: 6 hrs later- the twine slackened a bit in the rain, but the proto-tent stood up throughout. Looks like it could be called a “working model”.


*MFDL= Moosenut Falls Design Lab


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