The Art of the Scrounge… #174

This season, down at my local dollar store, I picked up a bunch of those solar powered yard lights for [DUH!] a buck apiece.

With a little ingenuity, and out of just one light, I managed to create three very different, but useful items.

  1. An upgraded light with a much softer, more even “glow”. By their nature, the LEDs give off a point light source. It is harsh, overly bright, and messes with your night vision. By using the semi-opaque jar that some boullion cubes came in, I achieved a nice, white, evenly diffused light. I am thinking I will jury rig some kind of a loop attachment to secure it up on top of my pack, so it can charge while I’m hiking.
  2. 30 seconds with a whittling knife turned the stake from the bottom of the light into a lightweight, strong tent-stake.
  3. I unraveled some sisal rope strands, wrapped one end with electricians tape, and slipped it down through the thin metal support tube. Sisal makes a very decent charred tinder that will catch a spark very easily. It can then be blown upon to produce a very, very hot ember for lighting heavier tinder and creating a fire. [I will show a DIY on this in another post]



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