“Free and Found”… The Art of the Scrounge #31

Because my funds are so limited, a great deal of my time and effort around this project has gone into figuring out what I could scrounge up and “make do” with. This is why love the dollar store, yard sales and The-Fell-Off-A-Truck-Stop. Scrounging around with the stuff I have, could find, or could make myself without spending much, meant that I could save my funds for use on more important items like the army bivy sack that covers ground cloth, tent, tarp, and part of the function of a sleeping bag all in one item. 

Another one of the things that I found kicking around was this set of assorted bags. I’m pretty sure that I bought them at a Walmart for around $6. They also included a garment bag which was my purpose at the time. I needed to be able to carry clothes to my daughters wedding and have them arrive still looking reasonably sharp. This wasn’t going to happen in my duffel bag. My suit, tie and dress shirt are probably still hanging in the garment bag.


The rest of the bags got tossed on a closet shelf and forgotten. They are made out of the same olefin-type fabric as a recyclable grocery bag. So they are wicked lightweight, but also very tough and abrasion resistant. They are perfect for stuff sacks. Not waterproof of course, but that’s why we’ve got garbage bags. [actually, that’s why we’re going camping in good weather… We don’t really have to worry about getting wet.]

The one thing on it’s own that I actually like the most is the hanging pocket bag. I can just loop it over a branch by my sleeping bag and have a place to stash all my pocket junk, flashlight, and phone, at night. I never would’ve actually done anything similar. I would’ve just dropped everything in a shoe. But here, for free, and weighing in maybe a eighth of an ounce, I’ve got the perfect solution.

The little three-dimensional “shoe” bag will work great for a couple of pairs of socks and an extra tee shirt. And the shopping bag style one can get a rope tied to the handles, tossed over a limb and used as a food stash for overnight to keep the critters away. I’m figuring on the 5 L drawstring bag to be big enough to pack all of our food in.


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