A miscellany of miscellaneous stuff

Outside of the pack wending its way east from Oklahoma, the last piece of gear that I was waiting to have delivered was this aluminized sleeping pad. I ordered the 4 foot length… just long enough for my body itself.   Total weight= 9 oz.

IMG_2865 (1)

I also had a couple of projects in mind this morning so I stopped in down at the local hardware store. Just as I was leaving, I was lucky enough to spot a mosquito head-net that I had assumed I would have to stop at a Walmart and pick up. Because I’m going to use a bivy bag instead of a tent, and because June in the Maine North Woods is prime mosquito and blackfly season, I wanted the mosquito netting to put over my head and face while I sleep. Surprisingly, I was able to pick up this Coleman version for a buck and a half less than I would’ve paid even on Amazon. And over at Walmart I would’ve had to settle for an even more cheap0 version from Coglan’s… Not my favorite brand at all.


I have never put up a picture of the hydration bladder that came with the little Outdoor Products “Mist” daypack. Here it is…  along with the mosquito net and the parts-is-parts from the latest “quicky” project.

I spent a few minutes wonking down in the development lab to rewire the bladder and my Sawyer water filter so that it could be utilized as a “drip” system and left unattended to fill bottles with purified water. The brass coupling on the little piece next to the filter will screw on the sip tube, and is then attached to the input on the Sawyer. The longer tube gets attached to the bottom of the filter and dropped into the neck of the bottle.


The weight of the water in the bladder should allow it to pass through the filter and into the bottle below for use. Conveniently, the “bite-valve” from the end of the original tubing will screw right onto the smaller tubing  that I bought down at the hardware. This allows me to leave the filter attached to the bladder hose and, with the bite valve on the end of a piece of tubing, I can just sip directly from the bag through the filter and have clean water without waiting for it to drip through into a separate bottle.

[the large Sawyer syringe in the upper picture is so that you can occasionally “backflush” and clean out the filter itself]


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