Canoeing Is Good…


S’OKay, TOG and I both like canoeing. Good thing, since it appears that the Fates have decreed that this weekend’s expedition will be canoeing instead of hiking. Right now, it doesn’t look like there’s any real chance of intercepting the pack frame before I need to leave. Even getting it down Babylon, we would have to wait a couple of hours past the time we hope to be on the road.

So I just went up to the barn and threw a tape measure across the old canoe. It will fit on top of my little SUV. Not elegantly, but it will fit. I’ll just have to drive slowly over to TOG’s house in You-Can’t-Get-There-From-Here. Time I have got.

I also found two “dri-sacks” that my sweetie and I had for kayaking. They’ll hold all the gear we need. And since we don’t have to carry it all on our backs, we can take along couple of handy, but weighty, things like a hatchet and a sixpack of sodas. Heck… maybe we’ll have steaks instead of MRE’s. Floatie-vests we got. Kayak paddles we got. Right now I think there are four kayaks up in the barn. Mebbe five. We would take them by preference, but there’s just no way on God’s blue water that we’re going to get the Labrapuppy in one of them without killing her first to keep her from jumping around and overturning it.

°°°Hmmm. …might be good eating on a Labrapuppy…°°°

At least she’ll be one happy dawg. She loves going upptacamp because she gets let off her leash, and this time she’ll have a whole lake to swim in and to shake off onto the BigGuys and their gear.

[On a side note: this weekend will also be a pair of anniversaries. 11 years ago tomorrow, I had come up to Maine to go camping with TOG and his family. My wife and I had been looking for property up here for about eight months at that point, and and that day I stopped off to see the 3 acre piece that ended up being ours. I remember calling her up at work and telling her, “Honey, I’m standing in the corner of the meadow we’re going to buy!” No regrets.

And 20 years ago, this week, my sweetie and I were on the first of three camping and touring trips throughout the Four Corners area of the Southwest. We had seen Las Vegas, spent the night at the old Fred Harvey El Tovar Hotel on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, driven through the Painted Desert, and visited the Hopi mesas. We capped off that trip by getting married in Santa Fe, New Mexico 20 years ago this Sunday.]

So… canoeing it is. Onward through the fog…


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