Update and Filler…

I am working at getting the photos I took this last weekend up at Flagstaff Lake organized, and I’m trying to figure out the WordPress Photo gallery and carousel functions to show them off.

While I’m busy with that I thought I’d throw in a teaser about the pack frame that I am beta testing and reviewing. I’m still waiting for a nondisclosure agreement before I put up any real details, but here is a quick look at the pack.



The whole idea on this frame is that you can use whatever you might already have for a bag/pack/tote. A Boy Scout Troop or other camping organization could buy a number of standalone frames, and the kids would be able to bring along their bookbag from middle school, together with an old fiberfill sleeping bag, and have it fit easily and securely on the frame.

In my own case, my load-out is just my rollup sleep mat, my down jacket in its stuff sack, and a reasonably cheap 31L compression sack. Used with the straps and attachment points provided on the stock frame, everything went together in about a minute and a half. [the down jacket is actually just a filler because I had already packed the sleeping bag and bivy in the compression sack]

Of the 31 L capacity, I am probably using less than 20 L. But in that space I managed to load: the Gore-Tex bivy bag, my sleeping bag, the 5 x 7 tarp, rain parka, fleece hoodie, three individual 2 pound MRE meals and my bag of snacks [food for 24 to 36 hours], my smaller cook kit and 12oz. HEET fuel, and four gear pouches, each of which is the size of a thick paperback book. [these have all my extraneous gear like toiletries, socks, electronics, rope, etc.] My ground cloth is rolled up in the sleep pad.

I will be tweaking my gear list and doing a couple of quick “mods” to the frame to have it function within my own needs, but, all in all, I’m very impressed. Once I’ve gotten a nondisclosure agreement to sign to protect the developers, I’ll be showing you a bunch more features, and how easy it is to use a variety of bags you might have around the house in place of an actual pack. I swapped out four different arrangements of bags, and took pictures to send the developer, all in less than 10 minutes.

I’m very grateful to the developer for allowing me to beta test this unit. It was something I had no thought or anticipation of when I started the blog, but has turned out to be a lot of fun. Since this is a “beta” unit the entire purpose is to provide actual user experiences to allow better development of the final product. Just in the last three days he’s told me about some marvelous changes that he will be making based on the reviews from others that have already come in. I can’t wait to take it out for a walk and be able to add my own input.

Click through and head over to onecoolbackpack.com where you will be able to see more details of the frame than I’m allowed to “disclose” right now…



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