WoodGas Stove Instructable [clik-thru link]


WoodGas Stove Instructable  [<<<clik-thru link]

Break out the marshmallows and the Lil’ Smokies!

One of the real drawbacks to most camp stoves and all of the little pop can alcohol stoves that I’ve seen instructions for is that, because of the petroleum-based fuels, you can’t cook directly over the flame without using a pot. That’s why I’m looking forward to getting the “FireAnt”  stove that I sprung for on KickStarter. It uses smallwood found around your campsite… So does this little stove. It may not be made out of titanium like the “FireAnt”, and it may be quite a bit bulkier, but it looks like it would definitely do the job. And it certainly means that you can grill and cook over the open flame.

Eat up a can of baked beans, use up a can of cheeze-dip or corned beef hash, and put them together with a $1.98 sterile paint can from Home Depot. Bingo, bango, boingo! I have seen very nearly the same stove done as a YouTube video and have always planned to try making one. These seem to be very clear and concise instructions for the same thing.

It strikes me how convenient it would be to put together a couple of these stoves and stash them in the couple of the places that I go regularly to get back to nature. No need to carry in a stove or a bottle of fuel, just scrounge up some smallwood and light her off.

Looks like I will be checking out the empty paint can display down at the hardware store this morning…

edit: since I posted this earlier today I have already determined that it is possible to make it using a coffee can in place of the paint cans that you have to buy. The secret seems to be that the coffee can has to have the “peel-off”, vacuum-sealed top, not the typical poptop-pulltab. The “peel off” is a super heavy duty aluminum foil rather than actual aluminum metal. It leaves a much wider edge. This edge just needs minimal filing/flaring for a bean can to slip right down inside.


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