Many Multi



A week ago, I took a chance on an eBay auction. I picked up of mixed lot of what I assume are a bunch of TSA confiscated “Leatherman style” multi-tools for only about $2.00 a piece. They showed up in the mailbox today. I ended up with six or seven pretty decent tools, four or five perfectly serviceable ones, three total pieces of crap, and one very, very sweet, nearly perfect clone of a $75 multitool.

I think it’s fairly reasonable to promise that a series of multitool posts will be coming up. In keeping with my 50/90 Scrounge Philosophy [can you get 90% of the utility for 50% of the price? … or less], this looks like a perfect opportunity to compare a bunch of apples to apples, and apples to oranges. Just the quick once over I’ve done since I dumped them out of the box has shown a great deal of variation in what you can get, and what you may give up when you buy a knockoff. The three pieces of crap were not necessarily the ones you would guess by looking at the photo. They were obvious in the hand when you first tried to open them up, but in a photo or seen through a plastic clamshell case you never would’ve known.

I’m also currently waiting, and hoping, for the return of one of my expensive, brand-name multi-tools that was sent out for repair/replacement. I am suspecting that they will simply replace it, since I know that they have changed one of its key performance failures many iterations ago. It will also just be interesting to see what they choose to replace my older unit with and whether the quality on a newer unit is up to par with what I gave up.

For right now, I’m going to break these bad dogs out into groups, clean them up, start taking photos, and see where it leads me.

Check back soon…


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