Words fail….

Everything that could be wrong, and laughable, about a tool… x4.Biohazard-Zombie-Hack-NSlash-Knife-Set


Biohazard Zombie “Hack ‘n’ Slash” 4 Pc Set

All your flash, slash, and trash needs in a handy four-pack. You, too, can “look” like the baddest ass[hole] on your block. Any one of them a bargain* at $12… But you have to buy all four for $48.  Ah-yah… I mean, look at those kewl poke-y things and those toxic-green zombie cuttin’ handles. Your grip won’t slip. Course, if you buy these, your grip on reality was pretty tenuous anyways.


[ * ya getz whatz ya payz for… It’s your money.]


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