Gerber Replacement Multi-tool

Well,  good to the word of the guarantee, Gerber Legendary sent me a brand-new Multiplier 600 unit to replace my 1990s version that had broken. On the  original one a side button that releases the pliers to slide forward out of the handles had popped out and disappeared. As a result, the pliers wobbled from side to side. It sounded like it was warranty work… And Gerber agreed.

Because the model has been upgraded and changed several times since I bought mine, Gerber elected to replace rather than repair. The newer version that I was sent seems to be made of slightly lighter weight metal for the handles. This is not a particularly grave disadvantage as the original tool was fairly heavy. It is still quite sturdy in the hand. The sawblade and file are both nearly identical, however they have changed the shape of the knife blade to a straight drop point. They also have added thumb-nicks to lift the smaller tools up out of the handle. The one major change was the addition of the black slide-to-locks on each handle. This was a much needed improvement. Now each blade and tool locks securely, with no chance of folding over on your fingers.

Otherwise this is the same Gerber Multitool that I had loved ever since I replaced an Original Leatherman that was stolen out of the dashboard of my truck. I do not however expect to get the same use out of this tool. Given the other options, and my current needs/desire for a much lighter weight EDC multi-tool, I simply do not see this replacing the Leatherman P4 in my pocket. I just don’t need anything as heavy in weight, and as heavy duty, as the Gerber and a belt case.

So… the replacement tool will go back in my car kit where the original had been for a number of years now.

Shown above, the Gerber 600, together with the adapter and extra screwdriver bits from my original Gerber tool, a folding Allen wrench set, a 600 lumin 18600 flashlight and my nifty NEBO socket set, provide me with a pretty flexible set of tools for most of the circumstances I might run into while away from home. They all fit easily and securely in a Bucket Boss belt pouch with a Velcro cover and sturdy metal belt clip… just in case you feel like carrying a couple of pounds around on your hip. The whole package also fits right in the door pocket of my Toyota RAV4.

(The NEBO is a really wonderful tool that I saw on the counter at a hardware store, purchased on a whim, and never saw anywhere again. Nor have I ever regretted dropping the cash. It’s beautifully ergonomic, and quality made, with a wonderful feeling your hand. Seven sizes of sockets store in the neoprene-covered handle and can be replaced with anything else that fits a 1/4″ driver shaft And it has a locking and reversible-ratchet action, with a swiveling head-stock.)

Seeing it all laid out, I realized that probably the one thing lacking that would be useful is a decent crescent wrench I’ll have to check around down cellar and see what I have .



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