Upptacamp Work Week


While you can’t tell from the photo, our three days trip to TOG’s camp up in the woods was mostly rainy and drizzly.

I added two feet onto the nearside of the deck. Last year I built the shed, but I only made the deck 6 feet wide… that was way too narrow. You had to sit right up against the doors to the shed, there was no place to put a little table to hold the grill, and you always felt like you would trip on the other guy’s feet. Next summer, we hope to run the deck the rest of the way out to the creek side of the camp, and tear-down, and rebuild the entry. There is a 4′ x 4′, 20 pane window from the creekside that we replaced last year. It’s going to look really sweet in the end wall of that entry shed… let in a bunch of light and we’ll have a view out from inside.

We also got the last two kitchen cabinets up, tore down and disposed of an old 14′ x 14′ tent platform that is gone all rotten, TOG had 3 yards of mixed gravel and stone brought in, and moved it, shovelful by shovelful, to regrade the path and fill an old stump hole, and we set up the old Franklin stove and a sitting area for yard fires. Not too shabby a loadout for two guys in their 60s, and considering the TOG as a collarbone fracture from skiing last winter that didn’t heal right.

Each year our goal has always been that “next year” we won’t have any work left to do and we can just come up and enjoy hanging out on the trout stream. …yeah, right…

This was not exactly the backpacking trip we had thought we would do up to Cranberry Pond… But…. we got to sleep in beds.

We each have separate plans to get back up later this month. [when my other buddy comes up for the white-water rafting trip over on the Dead River, this will be our launchpad and our fallback accommodations if it’s raining]. And then TOG and I will be back up for our traditional four day weekend over Columbus Day.


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