smokeyForest_on_Baxter_Creek_Trail_in_Great_Smoky_Mountains_National_Park (1)

On paths where dragons and stars wander,
Halfway up to peaks, I cross a rocky pass,
Blur into blue cliffs, perpetual confusion,
Adore idleness everywhere in green vines.
Then it’s ease in blossoming forests,
Lofty talk facing bamboo islands.
Far from dust,
Silent, empty: this Hen’s Foot Mountain
Opening that first adept to enlightenment.

– Meng hao-jan (689-740)

“Everyday” Altoids Tin Kit


I thought I would toss this one up here quickly… I think of it as sort of a “Takin’ Care of Bidnizz” kit.

A fellow by the name of Mike Winter made up this particular variation on the standard Altoids rig. Rather than for any kind of real emergency or survival situation, this one is simply geared toward all the little annoyances an ordinary day can throw your way.

Hit up the link>> for the original post and a detailed list of the items over at Everyday Carry .

Mighty Pretty Country


An Internet buddy of mine posted this photo of three of his Alaskan Malamutes out free and happy on the range near his home [up in the South Park of Colorado] this morning.

I have never met the man, and maybe never will. However, I know we share the love of living someplace that is far from convenient, but one that lets us wake up each morning with considerable joy for just “living” the day.

[you can check out his breeding kennel page over on the Facebook– MountainShadowsMalamutes]