A First [Yard] Pitch of the New Tarp

Low “Forester” variation… Just a dropped, standard A-frame pup with the back corners pulled under… but the available area inside is great. (3’2″ height at the front/ 18″ a the rear/ nearly 7′ wide in front)

File May 03, 7 52 51 PM

It was super easy to pitch. However, Miss Connie got frustrated with how slippery the sil-poly was to work with, and I guess she ended up forgetting the ridgeline tieouts. While I could have just used the ridge-end ties, I went ahead and ran the guy-line under the ridge. It looks like I’m going to be springing for a package of those Grip-Clips.


2 thoughts on “A First [Yard] Pitch of the New Tarp

  1. I use flat nylon shoelaces for ridgeline tieouts. I cut pieces around 16 – 20″ long and heat seal he ends, then I find the middle and sew it to the ridge or seam and sew them on. They are small enough that they wouldn’t be hard to hand sew. A few loops of heavy duty nylon thread and they would look bar tacked.

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