The Nasty Bid-niz Bucket [or a portable cathole for the woods]

It’s one thing to “surrender” to the call of nature. It’s another to leave leave those white flags scattered around the wild.

I have done things similar to this before, but not with such refinement and versatility. Not much for a backpacking journey, but a great idea for your SHTF prep or canoe camping. And not a bad idea to just have in the bottom of the bathroom closet in case the well/pump/power fails, or the sewer line breaks…

[EDIT: one of our readers pointed out a safety issue that I had not considered, and that was not mentioned in the video…       You need to be certain that the bucket to be used is sound. Apparently white buckets, like those for drywall compound, will deteriorate under sunlight/UV more readily than the darker colors. This could cause them to fracture under the weight of your tuckus. You might want to stay away from those older buckets that’ve been out in the shed for a couple years. It is not as though 5 gallon buckets are difficult to find. I am using a green bucket that originally contained deli pickles that they gave me down at the variety. It seems to be made of a heavier weight material than the white buckets I use for mulch. Better safe than sorry.]


Yard Fire…

IMG_0749 I am really happy with the whole kit I have put together over the last year for fire-making, so, tonight I put aside the ax and hatchet that usually get used out at the firepit in the yard and pulled out the pack stuff to have a go at a “backwoods” sized campfire.

You have seen the Kershaw “Camp Knife” [10″] and the Buck #692 in posts last year >>hit up the tags-list on the right for “Knives”>>>.

I recently picked up a Bahco “Laplander” saw [buy on Amazon] for chunking out lengths for splitting… works a charm. A 2-3″ limb cuts in less than 20 seconds with little effort.

The orange pieces are Chi-clones of an “ExoTac” nanoSTRIKER and their match-safe… and I love the burnt orange anodization for finding them in dim light. At under $10 the pair, instead of the ExoTac site prices of $27 and $24, I think I scored OK on the 90/50 criterion I try to go by [90% utility for 50% >or less< of the price is a GREAT deal]