Hanging Out

Some things have settled down in my life, and I finally got the chance to hang my brand-new AMOK Draumr 3.0 hammock out in the little backyard nook I had created.Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.41.21 AM

The photo was obviously taken after I had rigged the tarp…  but that was only after I spent the night open to the the sky and gotten rather dew drenched. I had forgotten how heavily it could settle this time of year, and how quickly.

With the Draumr you insert an inflated sleeping pad from back to front in a pocket at the bottom of the hammock.The pocket is close enough fitting that there is no room for the pad to move from side to side. It provides structure, and allows you to sleep as completely flat as you wish. That structure makes it perfect for people like me who are “side sleepers”.  [I had found I just really couldn’t get all that comfortable, at least not for overnight, in a standard hammock because of the way it pinched my shoulders]

The comfort level on the Draumr is truly amazing.  I had no trouble at all sleeping on either side, or in turning from one side to the other. The gentle “rocker” motion, as opposed to the cradle sway of a regular hammock, takes a little getting used to, but is very soothing. Additionally, the Draumr allows you to raise the back, or head-end of the hammock and drop the footbox so as to create a Barcalounger position… X-cellent!

As you can see in the photo, there is a great deal of additional space on either side of you inside. AMOK included a built-in mesh bottle holder, and two mesh pockets for your phone or e-book reader. I found that it was very easy to attach something like my range bag or other pouches to some of the interior webbing using carabiners. The result is that you can have a lot of gear inside with you once the integral bug net is completely zipped up and it’s inconvenient to get in and out.

I can have the hammock out of its bag and hung in a minute and a half. The tarping takes a couple minutes longer, because you have to keep running around more and more guylines. The tarp allows for excellent coverage, both of the sides, and front to back.  I will not have much fear of getting wet in most ordinary rain. [You just have to face it, no matter what kind of gear you are using, in any sort of real storm you are probably going to get wet… A little discomfort is part of camping.]

Everything the boys in Trondheim have included on this hammock is absolutely first rate. Climbing grade carabiners, no-stretch polyester webbing, Glo-line for the tie-outs, real Line-Loks™. The noseeum mosquito netting stuffs up into its own snap pouch on one shoulder of the hammock, and has double two-way zippers, so deploying it is quick and easy. The stuff sacks on both the hammock and the tarp are attached to the webbing and give you a place to store small items like unneeded rigging gear. They even provide a little flap on the back of the tree straps to help prevent the carabiners from chafing on the bark. Also, when I emailed them with questions, they responded within 24 hours. Great customer service.

Right now, I am at about an 80% approval rating on this unit. I will most likely end up keeping it,  but if I change my mind, AMOK has a great 30 day return policy. I have plans to get out with it [out of the backyard] over the next couple of weekends. That’ll let me have a decent feel for how it performs in the real world.

More later… Onward Thru the Fog.


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