“Tree Table” Prototype

I have seen several versions of this, both as owner built, and for sale items.


In short, the idea is to have a little “table” that gets strapped to a tree trunk and allows you to use your cat food can stove up off of the ground. This proof-of-concept is a little narrow at only 6 inches, but I’m figuring that in a final size of about 8″w x 10″l, in aluminum stock and with a 4′ pull-thru tensioning strap and buckle, it ought to be good to go.

I am also wondering if a version could be made using standard carabiners.  This doesn’t have to support significant weight.

More dollar store stuff taking the place of expensive materials…


A Loose Affiliation of…. ??

NEHHA [New England Hammock Hangers Association]: Lighthouses and Lobsters Hang, Sept. 11th-13th, 2015, Phippsburg Maine.

Looking down the line from my Amok Draumr.


Quite possibly the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time.  Met some truly wonderful people [for the first time in a very long time], had some truly great fun. and I’m going back for more next month over in New Hampshire at the Great Pumpkin Hang.

If you have any interest at all in hammock camping, these group hangs are a great way to see just about all the variations available in gear and the ways to rig it up before you take the plunge. Friendly folks, and nobody cares if you come in a tent.

Just go check out hammockforms.com for the regional listings of where and when.


Adding Added Flavor… Easily

It’s a lovely Labor Day Sunday up here in southern Maine. I was just sitting on my porch, and sucking on one of those “Freezie-Pop” tube dealies for kids that I bought 24 for a dollar at the Fell-Off-A-Truck-Stop. Sucked it empty and then I wondered if those 10 inch long plastic tubes could be resealed… With something of my choice inside…??
Y’all know how I hate waste.

Sure enough, I filled one up with water, held the end in a pair of needle-nose pliers, ran a BIC lighter across the quarter inch overhang, then quickly slid the pliers up over the toasted end and clamped down….and bingo-bango-boingo… water-tight.
I gave it a pretty fair squeeze, and nothing leaked.

This looks like just the thing for those condiments that you can’t find elsewhere… like Worcestershire sauce, or your own favorite-fire-in-the-hole. I’ll bet you could even seal up “Shooters” of your fireside tipple.
I think we have another winner from the Moosenut Falls Development Labs!

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