Adding Added Flavor… Easily

It’s a lovely Labor Day Sunday up here in southern Maine. I was just sitting on my porch, and sucking on one of those “Freezie-Pop” tube dealies for kids that I bought 24 for a dollar at the Fell-Off-A-Truck-Stop. Sucked it empty and then I wondered if those 10 inch long plastic tubes could be resealed… With something of my choice inside…??
Y’all know how I hate waste.

Sure enough, I filled one up with water, held the end in a pair of needle-nose pliers, ran a BIC lighter across the quarter inch overhang, then quickly slid the pliers up over the toasted end and clamped down….and bingo-bango-boingo… water-tight.
I gave it a pretty fair squeeze, and nothing leaked.

This looks like just the thing for those condiments that you can’t find elsewhere… like Worcestershire sauce, or your own favorite-fire-in-the-hole. I’ll bet you could even seal up “Shooters” of your fireside tipple.
I think we have another winner from the Moosenut Falls Development Labs!

21004048238_c1f5350518_b   20569287594_dc88dc2eb5_n


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