“Tree Table” Prototype

I have seen several versions of this, both as owner built, and for sale items.


In short, the idea is to have a little “table” that gets strapped to a tree trunk and allows you to use your cat food can stove up off of the ground. This proof-of-concept is a little narrow at only 6 inches, but I’m figuring that in a final size of about 8″w x 10″l, in aluminum stock and with a 4′ pull-thru tensioning strap and buckle, it ought to be good to go.

I am also wondering if a version could be made using standard carabiners.  This doesn’t have to support significant weight.

More dollar store stuff taking the place of expensive materials…


One thought on ““Tree Table” Prototype

  1. It’s not going to be the most stable platform, since the only thing keeping it from tipping over is a bit of friction between the platform and the foam around the carabiner. The rounded bottom end of the carabiners will make a good trap door hinge. The platform is a lever with the stove and pots on the long end. This will produce a lot of force on the short end. The concept isn’t bad, but you need something to keep the short end of the platform from tipping up and sending stove and all crashing down. You could move the strap down so that it is just above the platform, trapping the short end.

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