Tree Table Mk.2 [usable]


Rummaging in the Room of Requirement behind the Moosenut Falls Development Labs produced a piece of 1/16th” aluminum salvaged from some long forgotten microwave. At 6″ x 11″, already indentation formed, and with a nice lip at the end to prevent anything from slipping off, it proved a decent piece for the next iteration of the tree table.

Five holes added with the drill press, together with five minutes worth of filing, provided a very sturdy, and useful platform. [ I added an extra hole that may have to be enlarged to accommodate the handle of a long titanium spoon]


20 ounces of water in the cook cup, and a fully fueled Trangia-style alcohol stove caused no appreciable “droop”.

I would still like to find a similar weight piece of aluminum that could be cut to 8″ x 10″… I think I would prefer that the windscreen be able to sit fully on the platform without drafting up from underneath. The added width might also let me use the heavy duty MSR Whisperlite bottle-fuel stove by hanging the pump bottle off the webbing… that thing will boil water in just over two minutes.

One side benefit is that for field use it would be the work of only a few moments to find a curved branch or a forked twig that could be slipped behind the webbing in between the carabiners and that would let you hang a keychain/microlight for illumination if you need to cook after dark.

One more reasonably successful piece of gear to haul along and try-out/demo at the hammock hang in a couple of weeks.


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