Urban Hobo Kit

File_000 (6)

Last spring, I put together an urban “survival” kit to carry in the glove box of the car.  I brought it inside this morning for a refresh… Both of what was in it, and my memory of what was in it.

It seems that, in retrospect, that inclusion of the wax tea-light was a stupid-bad idea. In the heat of the summer it melted all over everything in the box, gluing it shut and making a pretty bad mess.

File_000 (7)

Anyway, while I had it out I thought I would put up a quick photo. Almost everything is fairly self explanatory. I always have a similar sized first aid kit, an auto toolkit, and one of my ordinary emergency kits in the car anyway. What I wanted this to be was some of the other little diddly-stuff that can come in handy occasionally.

  • the golf pencil has a couple of feet of tape wrapped around it
  • the yellow tube is Super-Glue
  • the little green screwdriver is  sized for eye-glasses repair, or electronics
  • the “walkout light” is the kind with the hard switch so that you don’t have to hold the button down to keep the light on
  • [after the photo was taken, I added in a package of Sugru putty, and a new book of water resistant military matches…  I also keep one of the squeeze-to-use hand warmers under the rubber bands that secure the box closed]

Also after I uploaded the photos, I saw this old post from last year about a similar kit. It was my original inspiration, and I see a few things that might as well go in this repack. Notably: a utility blade, a couple of bolts and nut pairs, a couple of drywall screws, some light line, and a few bobby-pins… There is plenty of room, it is getting stored in the glove box so who cares about the weight, and you never know what will come in handy… “If it fits…”


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