Cheap Seats

File_004 (1)

The 11-11 Buy-A-Thon also included this closed-cell foam sitter.

I thought it would be a nice option to take along for my aging bones at times when the “Mantis” mariposa chair clone  that I picked up earlier this fall is too heavy and bulky.

File_006    File_003 (1)

It goes 3 3/4″x 10 1/2″x 1 3/4″ folded up.  Just shy of 15″ opened out. 29 grams/ 1 oz.

One side came in an light olive-green and the other came flat-black. [This was one of the deals where you got no choice of color]

My first thought was how much it looked like my 48″ Therm-a-rest RidgeRest ® solar mattress which is “coated with a layer of our reflective ThermaCapture ™ technology that redirects radiant heat back to your body to amplify warmth…..”    Yeah-yeah-yeah… It’s silver on one side…….20 seconds with a can of aluminized spray paint and so is my new butt-pad.

I set out on the porch in 30° temps this morning and it surely was warmer than the deck boards would have been. I could feel the heat bounce-back thru my dorm pants. It folds down small enough, and is light enough to go along in a day load easily. Folded in half and tucked against the inside back of my daypack, it gives a dual purpose padding to the poke-y parts of my carry. Over time we will see how it holds up. Rough bark from log sitting may well tear it up a dite, but it should also do well as a kneeler for cooking chores.  I can also see this as adding a few degrees to a sleep system by tucking it under the head or foot of your sleeping pad. I bet it would even work as a pillow folded around some clothes.

It only cost $1.48US. Seems a good bit of a deal. This is one of those things that if I had known how decent it was going to be, I would have grabbed several as give-aways for my camping and hammocking buddies.


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