A Quick Note on International Buying

If anyone is looking to buy from the overseas sites, and here I am speaking most directly about the Hong Kong/ Shenzhen vendors, be prepared for long shipping times and drastically frustrating delays.

My 11/11 purchases are still staggering in, and one that included tracking info has apparently not budged form the “Shenzhen Transit Station” since Dec 4th. It shows as scanned for customs departure four times over those next ten days, but nothing since Dec 14th at all. This about par for the course. Don’t ever buy thinking that you will have it for use by a particular date, even if that date seems quite reasonable to you. [EDIT-Dec28th: to their credit, after three separate email exchanges over 10 days, the vendor did agree to reship my items]


That much said critically, sometimes, your stuff will show up quickly enough that you can’t believe it made it all the way from the other side of the world. I have had things beat Amazon purchases from the same day.

And in ten years or more of buying from the Chinese jobbers I have only had one package actually fail to ever arrive, and only one come damaged beyond repair or use. Both of these were made good… it just took a bunch of typing with the “help desk”s. Others that were simply less satisfactory were also compensated.

The main sites you will commonly come across, DX, AliBaba [actually part of Yahoo], BangGood, frequently, or standardly, outsource the actual sale and shipping to other vendors, but remain your go-to for satisfaction on issues. They badly want your business. You just have to wade patiently through a lot of “stock answers” and not be put off.

Oh, yeah…. and they take two or three weeks off late January for their New Year Holidays. NOTHING moves then.


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