“Re”-purposing… Woof Meow!

It’s only January 2, and I have already broken yesterday’s New Year’s resolution about getting anymore new gear…. BUT!

It turns out that you can pick up a “Squishy” silicone dog food bowl for $1.99 that is larger, better shaped, and sturdier than the “camping” versions that go for $10 and up.

File_000 (16)

This one holds 24 ounces, as opposed to 16 ounces for the first “camping” one I found when I searched online for comparison. It comes in about 2 1/2″ deep and 5 1/4′ wide, it’s slick inside and can be turned inside out for easy cleaning. [What appears to be a raised ring inside is an light illusion] My scale is not intended for super lightweight measurements, but the bowl seems to be about 10gms, in other words, less that a 1/2oz. Because it’s a soft, flexible silicone, any of the spoons and sporks I tried out can do a great job of helping to get out the last morsel of your meal. That also means that you can flex the edge into a “spout” for consuming really liquid items like thin soups with no need for utensils, or it can double as a large cup for drinking as well. Mixing bowl? …yeah, that too.

Finally, I was pleased to find that would fit right inside the o.9L kettle I reviewed recently, and it also can pull around the bases of either of my camp pots, so it is even easier to carry along.

This is one of those things that certainly falls in the category of being not really needed, but fulfills a legitimate role in your kit at a price that makes it almost irresistible for some uses. [besides… my new titanium entrenching tools made me do it!]


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