“Bubb’s Creek Haircut”


[Bubb’s Creek, High Sierra, California]

I discovered the work of poet Gary Snyder in the spring of 1971 in a “hippie” book store in Charlotte, North Carolina. Snyder was an active camper, and a hiker in the tradition of John Muir. He worked logging gangs, trail crews, and served several summers as a fire lookout for the forest service in the 1950s, spending the entire summer in the solitude of a mountain top firewatch cabin, reading, writing, meditating, growing… Not a bad life… It was always something for me to aspire to, but I never took on the adventure.

“Bubb’s Creek Haircut” was one of the first poems I read, and I have always made a tradition to read it every spring before my camping season begins.

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66° Early Spring [?] Placeholder

My little corner of the North Woods seems to be experiencing a relatively early Spring this year.

66° out before noon today, and we’re supposed to be above freezing for the next week… snow’s melting off into our “mud-season”…  I can sit out on the porch and get some warming rays… squirrel’s are frolicing… I have even scared up the deer a couple of nights when I’ve gone out after dark… I guess they are finding some green shoots to graze on along the meadow verges where the snow has been off longest.

I haven’t seen a robin on the wing yet, but the time change is on Sunday, it will be light later, and that alone will make it seem more like Spring.