eLiza’s Bling Bags


Those who camp are subject to buying “bling” to trick out their gear. Carabiners, clips, mitten hooks, whatever, there are a lot of small things that can make your gear more useful. In the hammocking circle, the really cool stuff for your suspension is made from titanium… Super strong, Super lightweight, Super pricey.

Super easy to drop into the leaf mold and lose forever. Enter the “Bling Bag”.

My old flame and high school sweetheart [who has reentered my life] made me up these drawstring bags with mesh interior pockets to keep my tiny goodies safe and secure. The greatest part about them is that, when opened only partway, they create an actual bowl so that your parts-is-parts won’t fall out.

We are going to be making these up in a limited quantity. If you might be interested leave a message in the comments. [and, No Worries, Mate… I will redact any email addresses before approving the comment to appear]


A Quick Spring Swing

  • Last night was lovely and clear here in southern Maine, with the forecasts of dropping into the 40s, so I took the opportunity to put my AMOK Draumr 3.0 hammock up for the first time in 2016.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.51.37 AM

    We have our Hammock Home/Burning Men Hang just up the road at ATTroll’s place two Fridays from now, and I wanted to make sure my gear was A-OK. I also wanted to try out a new modular sleeping system I’m working on for May to September camping that will hopefully let me go topless on nice nights. It’s based on a cheapo “waterproof” Chinese synthetic bag and one of the Costco throws… The prototyped/poc version fulfilled all my expectations, so it’s off to my local thread injectoress for a completed version. [I’ll show it off on here once it’s completed]

    The best part of the evening was getting to see the stars again. This is the first time I have had a chance to hang my hammocks since I had the lens replacement surgery done on my eyes last fall. ABSOPOSIVIVALUTELY amazing to see the stars and the constellations sharp and clear without wearing glasses! I even saw two meteorites, and a fireball.

    >> Onward thru the fog…>>