Zen: “bodhichitta”


Each night I gaze upon a pond,
A zen body sitting beside a moon.
Nothing is really there and yet
It is all so clear and bright
I cannot describe it.
If you would know the empty mind
Your own mind must be as clear and bright
As this full moon upon the water.

– Chiao Jan (785–895)

Alas… I still do not possess “bodhichitta”….  Too often, my view is obscured by the branches and ripples of my daily mind. That is a primary reason I go into the wild.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
John Muir



My Ch’an hut leans at the summit
Clouds sail back and forth
A waterfall hangs in front
A mountain ridge crests in back
On a rock wall I sketched three buddhas
For incense there’s plum branch in a jar
The fields below might be level
But can’t match a mountain home free of dust

                                                – Shih-wu (1272–1352)