As is probably quite apparent from my posts over the last year or 18 months, I have now moved entirely away from ground dwelling in favor of hammock hanging. A lighter total weight for my gear, quicker set up [especially in bad weather], and far, far more comfort are just a few of the reasons I made the change.

I came across this earlier today [obviously from the REI co-op], and thought I would share it here. Curiously, there are really only four but actually applied to hammock hanging. The rest are just good advice for general camping.

But it is a really nice little graphic.

In the spirit of HYOH [hang-yer-own-hang] I have to say I take a little bit of exception to their suggestion that you not exceed 18 inches. My first reaction was, “WTF… My hammock straps have to go over 6 feet above the ground or I am going to be dragging”. On reflection, I assume they are suggesting that the bottom of your hammock not exceed 18 inches. However, what works for one person is not always right for everyone. Are they talking about your hammock when you first hang it up?… or loaded up for the night with you and your gear?  Also, at that height, in really wet weather when you are using an underquilt you’re quite likely going to find that the splash-up has soaked your UQ and removed all of its insulation value.

The other one that I had to take a second thought about was taking down your hammock if you leave for camp for any period of time. Then that I realized that if large wildlife like deer or moose stumbled through it they could get tangled up and hurt… And you could lose your rig out there in the williwacks a hundred miles from nowhere.

If you haven’t yet tried hammock hanging as an alternative to tents and ground tarps, I would hardily recommend that should give it a shot. You can get some entry-level gear for as little as $100 if you keep your eyes open for sales.

[if you have any questions, just pop a message up here on the site… I’ll be happy to steer you as best I can]


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