Fidget Cube : Fidgetively Speaking [3]… Clone Wars

For today’s amusement, and to fill my time while I wait for the legendary “shipping notice” so longed for by each of us pitiful 20%-ers, I want to jump into that deep, controversial pit concerning the Fidget Cube [no™] clones.

My Opinion: No Problemo!     Matthew and Mark [AntsyLabs] made their 6 1/2 million dollar nut. They can afford all the hot cars and hookers they want. No matter their developmental and production costs, they made a really nice profit! They can invest well and relax for the rest of their lives [in an economical way], they can pour it into future products, they can squander it, whatever. Their choice. Anyone who believes that a successful product will not be imitated in today’s global marketplace is ridiculously naïve. Yeah, it’s too bad the clones came to the market before the genuine product came out. However, the reviews I’ve seen of the genuine article give me every reason to believe that the product we backers get will be every bit as good, if not better, than the clones already available. When we sponsored this product every one of us went into it knowing that our “cost” was going to be around $20 per “reward”. Complaining that these counterfeit products became available at a lower price point is as ridiculous as complaining about something that you bought from an infomercial for “only three low payments of $19.99…” then shows up on the shelves of the dollar store for $.99. That’s going to happen. We supported the project; we didn’t buy a product. I’m really happy that these guys made an incredible profit.

Now, personally, I bought three clones to find out what they were like. I enjoy doing comparisons and reviews here on this site, and it seemed a small price to pay for my own entertainment… mebbe yours as well. I don’t think that in doing so I took any money out of Antsy’s pocket. Just because I don’t buy Ford a second time doesn’t mean I took any money away from Ford Motor Company. I bought a different product.

I am going to assume that most of you who have navigated over here are reasonably familiar with the clone offerings. What I ended up getting was one of the “camo” cubes, a black or “midnight” cube, and a white one with lime buttons. Three different sources, three very different prices. Two with free shipping, and each of them delivered within four days of order. Once I get my AntsyLabs Fidget Cube, I plan on doing a post of the actual comparisons, so I will not go into details here.

I had hoped to have three different versions to compare with the genuine article when it arrives, however the white cube turned out to be the exact same model as the “camo”. The cube I thought I was getting was intended to be one of the shittier versions, but what came was a dupe except for the color. I had looked pretty closely at the photographs on the sites [that one was from an eBay offering]. I had identified five or six “telltales” and was using them for criteria. What was shown, was not what was delivered. I think that this is the biggest problem with the clones in general… there is no reliability in what you will actually get for your money. But, that white cube was less than half the cost of the camo.

My biggest curiosity is in whether those of us who backed the KS offering will actually be getting identical cubes, or will there actually be variation in features or quality of manufacturing due to the sheer number of units required.

Finally, and I will probably touch on this in more detail when I do an actual product comparison, but it’s obvious from the comments on the Kickstarter page that not everyone has the same subjective response to any of the fidget-actions on the faces of the cube… Whether we are talking about the clones or the genuine article makes no difference.  I have seen just as many people complaining that the light switch is too stiff as I have seen complaining that it is too floppy. For some folks the clones may very well be a better solution to their exact fidgeting need.

Thanks for reading. I’m going to go obsessively refresh my email, hope for my shipping notice today, and pray that we don’t get another “update” filled with cheesy gifz and no real facts about why they can’t up their delivery game.


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