Fidget Cube : Fidgetively Speaking [4]… some random bullet points

Thanks to everyone who has said nice things about this series of posts. It is been very gratifying to check the stats and see that the visit#s are WAY above my average traffic.

Today will be a little bit random, and include a few things I have culled from others posts over on the Fidget Cube Kickstarter comments page.

Now… Onward into the fog:

  • from ALC~~“do you know if there’s directions for that Lego fidget you linked? I’d love a parts list so I could see if the Lego store has all those pieces available for picking. 🙂 (BTW, loving your blog posts!)”…  Thx for the kudos, but NOPE. No idea. I am not a lego person. I just saw the post while I was mucking about and dropped the link into the comments for everyone’s shits and giggles

  • Several people have mentioned the extreme irony of our having generated over 20,000 posts simply because we really are “fidgety” people with way too much time on our hands, too much unfocused energy, and a desperate need of the very fidget cubes we are whining about to give us something to do…. Notably from Final Cataclysm~~

    “…this is THE ABSOLUTE WORST campaign to receive any kind of delays. Why? We all have too much time on our hands and the urge to be a constant spaz whatever the end result is. Thus, we spam the hell outta Antsy Labs, lose faith super easily and continue to complain that things aren’t moving fast enough” ….

  • I really liked Nikki S’s thought that maybe the shipping situation delay is the fact that they could be using “drop trailers” at the shipping locations. As she mentioned, these are ones that get bulk loaded before they are picked up by the shipping companies. They only move away from the loading dock once the entire semi trailer is full. Nor do the carriers generate an actual the “shipping notice” before those packages get scanned into their own system. This could very well account for the fact that nobody seems to of gotten any new shipping notices this week despite the promises from the February 7th. update.
  • the gifted [or…possibly deeply disturbed] Ricky Haiku suggested some of headers for future blogs posts at “Fidgetively Speaking”.

    Hand Cones-of -Shame for Backers. [keeps us off the keyboard until the arrival of our “Precious”]. And “Fidgetively Speaking [4]: Silence Of The Hands [the wide spectrum of coping, community (and pathology) in the (thus far) Cubeless Community]

  • he also gave us:

    “…as fingernails are bitten to the quick waiting for a sign, any sign that the Shipping Fairy hath smiled upon our reward/order/BIRTHRIGHT …a variety of Coping Mechanisms has been seen on both the Kickstarter project’s home page and across all social media. We see the Optomistic Comforter, the Entitled Child, as well as an endless supply of “I Just Got Here, Has Anyone Heard Anything” or “Is This A Scammy Scam And If Not Where Are Mine Now?”

  • My “Oh, Right” find-of-the-week: From Antsy Labs own Dec. 7th update~~ “As community interaction is a huge part of what we strive for at Antsy Labs, our team is now growing to include an Antsy Labs Scientist. This individual will browse the comments  on occasion and weigh in when they’re able to, and will be identifiable by the highlighted label next to their profile name. Any questions that may come up in the comments can be addressed to them – we hope that this will further increase the availability of information coming directly from the Antsy Labs team moving forward.”  ….If anybody sees him, would you tell them I said, “hello”?

  • A quick and gentle reminder of the Primary Fidget Cube 101 Basic Fact #1: your backer number doesn’t mean shit.  Nobody cares what yours is. Please stop posting them.
  • Finally, in what should probably be referred to as Primary Fidget Cube 101 Basic Fact #2:  if you’re kind of new over on the comments page, pleasepleasepleaseplease[!] take a few minutes and scroll back and read through a few dozen posts… Just about every piece of information that you need has already been hashed over to death.
  • [I’m going to make this a separate bullet point just for clarity] if you have a problem with actual, honest-to-god, damage to your cube when it arrives [not the stupid plastic box], Don’t waste your time telling us about it or expecting that missing scientist from Antsy Labs to see it in the comments… TRY:

Ciao. Thanks for reading, and remember: before we ordered these cubes we just twiddled our thumbs. You still have thumbs don’t you?

[oh, yeah… In a gratuitous puff of self promotion:  Just because you came here for some Snark about the cubes, doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of other great stuff. Check out all the links to the right for my posts on camping, hiking, outdoor gear, hammocking, Buddhism, and “the meaning of life”>>>>]


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