Fidget Cube : Fidgetively Speaking [5]… in days long gone

If any of you people haven’t figured it out by now, I’m old. I’m older than dirt. I have been a Truly Antsy Fidgeter™ for my whole life. I bought this “fidget stone” in the Beijing thieves market sometime back at the end of the 18th or in the early 19th-century when I was a Shaolin monk… [this was prior to my joining the Monks of Cool*]

file_000-1 file_001

It is Chinese, and is made from nephrite, a type of jade. One side is carved with two fu-bats**, the Peaches of Longevity, and a monkey [the Trickster] reaching to steal the peaches. The obverse is a dragon*** carved into some of the matrix from which the jade was removed.

Keep Calm and Fidget On…

* The monastery of the Monks of Cool is found in a laid back valley in the lower Ramtop mountains. They are a reserved and secretive sect and believe that only through ultimate coolness can the universe be comprehended, that black goes with everything, and that chrome will never truly go out of style. To become a fully accepted Monk, a novice is given the following test. Several outfits are laid out in front of him and the tester asks, “Yo, my son, which of these outfits is the most stylish thing to wear?” The correct answer is “Hey, whatever I select”.

** in Chinese the word for good fortune – “Fu” [福] is a homophone for the word for bat

*** potent and auspicious powers


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