Fidget Cube : Fidgetively Speaking [8]… An-Ti-Cip-Aaaaation and Pitchforks

10AM EST:   Filling time on a blah Thursday morning here. I really don’t want to write something futile in the comments section. It is still filled with people coming in and parroting out their very useless “backer number”, asking the unanswerable, insulting anybody who tries to express a voice of reason [or experience with previous posts]

Okie-dokie… Along with the crowd of arguably 10 to 20,000 other losers who discovered themselves waiting in that last “10%” queue throughout February for delivery of my cube, I made it to March. Despite their promises of reaching 100% of the December tier shipping, I don’t have my cube yet. I did make it through without threatening violence toward the AntsyHeap, OR toward any others in the comments section over on Kickstarter, but that place seems to be breaking out in pitchforks and torches over the last few days as we await some kind of an update. It’s only a matter of time before somebody goes down like Piggy in “Lord of the Flies”.

To paraphrase the village police chief in Mel Brook’s “Young Frankenstein”, “A ri-ot dis an ugly t’ing… und I t’ink ve are haffing one now!”. Taking things as seriously as some folks are is pretty ridiculous. They seem pretty desperate for a FidgetCube to cure to their trichotillomania, their road-rage, their nail-biting or their other various psychiatric disruptions. Personally, I figure most of these cubes are going end up in the junk drawer within six weeks. 

Right now, one of Antsy Lab’s “collaborator”s has promised an actual update by the end of day today… Thursday, March 2nd. While I am still dubious of the advisability of putting out a one line update to tell everybody that there will be an update, at least it’s an update.

12:45PM~ I have just had my lunch, and would like to keep it down, so I’m going to stay completely away from the “restaurant meme” that is seating people right now. However, @ Rob put up a dandy of a new conspiracy theory:

“A theory I thought of today: I know Backerkit took responsibility for locking the March tier… BUT what if Antsy Labs actually directed them to lock it because March backers were ordering G4MER cubes for December backers… We know Antsy Labs has been lurking in the comments… I’m sure they ordered a specific number of the Kickstarter exclusive (Kickstarter or G4MER). They need pretty specific #’s as they can’t be sold outside of Kickstarter to non-backers so they wouldn’t want to produce even 1 too many… So what if Antsy Labs really had Backerkit lock the March Tier? What if? Just a theory…”

On my own, I have been wondering just how far @LeadFidgeteer and the Antsy crew will stretch the definition of “by Thursday evening”… Close of business for the shipping minions…?  6 PM… Midnight… is that East Coast time… West coast… Hawaii… International dateline? I feel like they could get a bit of credibility if they would just get an update posted before the last possible moment. It ain’t no brain surgery to write two paragraphs… And it might shut a bunch of people up.

7:30PM- The Postprandial [EST] Time-killing Update~

Even the West Coast tiny minions are wrapping up their work for the day. I was a bit heartened to see that a number of shipping notices did trickle out all day long… and it doesn’t seem that any particular colors are in actual shortages. However, and this being the important part, I didn’t get my shipping notice yet.

Just a few minutes ago I enjoyed @Jeffrey G opining that:

  •  “At first I was mad but now I kind of feel bad from them. They did so much brand damage because they had incompetent staff handling social media / lack of a community manager.” …kinda lowers the jealousy factor about anybody else getting one of the vaunted “Golden Tickets” for the next few products that the brothers might have forthcoming. Right now, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would trust “Antsy Labs” as a brand to pull off another Kickstarter if they offered “one dollar gets you five back”~ shipping and handling included!

[BTW~ thX to those who clarified that the “Backer edition” and the “Kickstarter edition” are one-and-the-same]

Friday, March 3rd, 9AM~~ The Poor Update Update:

Well, we got an update… no concrete info and thankfully only one or two gifs, but we got an update. Sad that they could wait so long [days] and still have to push it until so late in the day as well. For as little information as they had to provide to us, it’s absurd to think that they didn’t know the info in the update when the last week of February projections ended on the 25th.  I think that the boys are completely at a loss as to what is going on with shipping and delivery. Bad partners, Bad info, so all they can give us is excuses.

At this point, with over 50,000 “March” backers still to satisfy I find it absolutely inexcusable that they are having supply line difficulties with individual colors, so I don’t buy into any kind of an explanation that they’re worried about being stuck with Kickstarter editions or Gamer cubes beyond what they will use to fill the rewards. Nor that some orders are being passed over because of the lack of an individual color at a particular shipping location. If they do indeed have real problems with quantities of individual colors, it is fully on their own heads for having badly communicated with their manufacturers, and for having failed in their own distribution to the shipping centers.

Regarding their failure to reach their previous projected goals they use the phrase, “at the time [we] were conservative”… No. Reaching the goals ahead of time would’ve been conservative. Failing to reach the goal meant that they were overly optimistic.

Regarding backer numbers they go on to say, “We’ve heard this question being asked, and we wanted to take another moment to reiterate that the answer to this is fairly irrelevant, due to how rewards are being sent out. As mentioned previously, rewards are being shipped in order of backer number and available stock (meaning we have surpluses of certain color schemes and shortages of others, and are only able to fulfill rewards as availability allows). ” So….? Are the backer numbers relevant?… Or are they being used together with supply to determine shipping order? The statement is self-contradictory. You can’t have it both ways. We are seeing people who have numbers in the four digits who were only just now receiving shipping notices.

I’m going to stop now. I am disappointed in the sparsity of real information in the update were provided last night. The comment section makes it obvious that most other people share that opinion, So I’m preaching to the choir.

The bottom line is that after 30 days I am still in the “less than 10%”… I haven’t seen a shipping notice, and my order is for one single cube. Their current projection of 100% delivery on the December orders is next Friday… that’s seven days away. They are averaging 12 days between updates. That means I’m looking at the Ides of March for the next time I’m told that I’m still in the 10%.

I think the today’s post here will be my last one until I have actually receive an authentic, genuine Antsy Labs Fidget Cube [no™], and can go ahead and do a review. Thanks for everybody who has dropped in. Your interest actually pushed my stats over 100 visits per day for the first time in the three years since I started the blog. Come on back and visit again soon. Once this madness is over I will be back in the swing of reviewing great camping gear. I have a really amazing hammock and top quilt due in any day, a complete [affordable] hammock setup, a bunch of cook gear to update, a new stove, and a bunch of diddly stuff.

Ciao~ Rattattoo


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