Down in the Cryogenic Chamber

[that’s the garage down cellar, folks…]

We had below 0°F yesterday morning, and it is still a bit Antarctic down there. However, I pulled out a few things today to bring up into the more temperate zone so that I can make some progress on getting a few reviews together. I also looked back over some of posts over last couple of years, and realized that I promised reviews on a couple of items [like Mikhail at MerkWare’s titanium FireAnt stove], but never got around to them. I’m going to hope to get those up as well.

Just a quick estimate is that I will be putting up anywhere from eight to a dozen reviews over the next several weeks.

I am waiting to get my stupid FidgetCube so that I can finish talking about that subject and all of those off-topic posts can be skipped over quickly. Still, that was a lot of fun, and the site got a huge amount of traffic from them. Hopefully some of those folks will stick around and check back in.

It’s easier to just repost a quote from the last one of those [#8] than to recompose:

  • “Once this madness is over I will be back in the swing of reviewing great camping gear. I have a really amazing hammock, and a custom top quilt due in any day, a complete [affordable] hammock setup, a bunch of cook gear to update, a new stove, and a bunch of diddly stuff.” [not to mention a light-weight 45L pack, a day pack, some food items, another knife, some tips and tricks… ]

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