YET(i) More Bang For Your Buck

If you have spent any time in the big-buck camping stores in the last few years you have probably encountered the brand name “Yeti™“. I believe they started out making extremely high-end coolers primarily for use in the yachting and deep sea fishing worlds. Whatever, they achieved a great brand name recognition, and have diversified out into many smaller coolers and beverage containers.

The problem has been that Yeti™ also continued to have pricing that only someone who owns a yacht can afford. Sorry, I simply draw the line at spending $400 for a cooler, up to $35 for a vacuum tumbler, or $25 for a beer-coozie… no matter how good it is. However, I will freely admit to drooling over them when I have picked them up for a quick look down at Cabela’s and the Bass Pro Shop.

I already have an extensive assortment of stainless steel vacuum coffee mugs, cold drink tumblers, Thermos™’s, and my can-coozies run the gamut from neoprene sleeves and foam rubber with souvenir place names on them, all the way up to one made out of the same material as L.L. Bean duck boots.

[here comes the “but”…] But, when I saw my friend Chazz sipping single-keg bourbon out of his 10 oz. stainless steel tumbler from Yeti™ I got the jeeloozies….

Then I found this one for sale on Amazon.

From RTIC™, but same size, same construction, slightly different snug-top… and at $9 [sale price] I could [sorta] afford it!

Filled with just ice and covered with just the lid, it took over 18 hours to melt out. I can now understand why Chazz was so enjoying his and thought it worth every penny… It was about 94° that evening.

[at a tiny bit over 9 ounces including the lid, it isn’t something to take backpacking, but for my usual kit, it is perfectly acceptable]


Looking at the photo, I realized that I probably ought to clarify that this is a straight sided cylinder. The photo does make it look as though it might be tapered.

We will call this one another 90%/50% win. Especially since it works just as well for hot beverages.  Indeed, overall I am going to have to give RTIC™ the BigWin! in this entire category. Consistently coming in at 50% or less on the price for nearly identical units makes it a no-brainer unless you just want to show off your brand loyalty.

[while I was researching whether or not to go ahead and grab this tumbler, I found this brand comparison>>>>

I also watched a video on YouTube comparing a full-size Yeti™ cooler with the comparable unit from RTIC™>>>> ]


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