The Beloved Fell-Off-A-Truck Stop

This is another one of those informational posts.


We have all had the cashier at the register ask us, “Did you find what you were looking for today, honey?”… when you weren’t looking for anything in particular and are spending $25 anyways.



I frequently make reference in these posts to the “Fell-Off-A-Truck Stop”. These are actually a variety of different places. Primary among them is Ocean State Job Lot, a chain that originates out of Rhode Island. Our other contributor, local to Maine only, is Marden’s, where their slogan is, “You should’ve bought it when you saw it“. However, the phrase can also include any a variety of mom-and-pop discounts… The kind you go to get a great deal on the ubiquitous “Blue Tarp”, cheap painting supplies, and even cheaper screwdriver sets.

Elsewhere you can usually find the same kind of places being called “Big (guy name)’s”, “Building #Xxx”,   ____Warehouse, etc. They all stock stuff that you might not see the next time you go, so you end up going back on a regular basis… “just in case”.

Mine almost always relieve me of at least a couple of dollars. I get great deals on snack foods that are appropriate for camping, unique foodstuffs that make my cooking more adventurous, and small electronics and another useful junk that comes in cheap enough that it’s not a problem if you lose it in the woods. Marden’s actually has great deals on shoes and boots. Brand names like Timberline and Merrill… but only if they happen to have one in your exact size, ‘cuz there may only be three pairs all-told in that style. That’s why I call them fell -off -a-truck joints. It’s almost always closeouts, closing-business-salvage and small quantities.

When you’re looking to scrounge a cheap alternative, these are the places to go… even if you don’t know what you’re looking for or just what you might want to scrounge that particular day.


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